"Broken Balustrade"

pastel 26" x 10" 2003

It was a real adventure getting this photo. My cousin Phillip knew of an old chateau that used to make and sell wine. He brought my brother Bryan and me to find it. We followed the signs and arrived at this gorgeous vineyard setting. I could hear a television coming from the chateau, but paid it no mind as I happily ran around taking pictures. Soon a Very Irate Frenchman came out, shaking his fist at me and yellingloudly. It seems he had bought the property and it was now private. I humbly said "Pardon, Monsieur" over and over as I scurried back to the car and we made our get away. I was shaking like a leaf, but later we could laugh at our mistake and hope that Monsieur will forgive us.