"Eiffel Tower & Bateau Mouche"

pastel 26" x 10" 2004

Here’s the icon of Paris, La Tour Eiffel. I was lucky to be there on Bastille Day. My cousins feted me with a seven course meal at a lovely restaurant in Montmartre, overlooking the city. As the evening progressed, the dramatic twinkling lighting of the Eiffel Tower cast a spell on the city. I was entranced. On another clear night, my cousin, Brigitte, took me on a fabulous trip down the Seine on the ever popular Bateau Mouche (a mouche is a housefly). These boats give a grand tour of Paris from a different perspective. It’s an enchanting view of the City of Light, the tower being the grande finale. Along the route, I especially enjoyed seeing the Tango dancers, who meet to dance to live music on the banks of the Seine. You can’t get more romantic than that. Most days I wear a brass Eiffel Tower on a necklace (along with a glass heart). I made it from a keychain I bought in Paris. These little souvenirs are x-rayed by the thousands in the airports – the most popular souvenir of the most popular building. I love it.