"Boulange de Cole Valley"

pastel 14" x 18" 2004

Here’s another of Pascal Rigo’s authentic French boulangeries. But we don’t have to go to Paris. And this one comes with good karma. It was originally the Tassahara Bakery, organic, whole wheat breads baked by the folks from Green Gulch Farm in Marin – very Zen. When it opened in the 70’s, I was working up the hill at the San Francisco Medical Center. My first career was as a research lab tech. We were thrilled to get real bread, and Pascal continues the tradition with organic bread (farines bioliogiques), coffee and tea. This is a busy bus route on Parnassus at Cole, so I included a bus. I used my artistic license to eliminate the cars, newspaper racks (except the Chronicle), trash bin, telephone pole and half the bench, so that we could see the regulars at lunch. These include the pets, Snowball and Screech. I’ll be showing my café series here as well as enjoying the French fare.