"Madame Reading, No Parking"

pastel 20" x 13" 2005

I loved this scene. It stayed in my mind, because it typifies the French attitude. Enjoy your life! Madame has pulled out her chair on the sidewalk to take time to read and relax. The No Stopping/No Parking sign looks like a lollypop, and adds to the fun.

One great discovery on my trip to France was finding my roots, and how French I really am. My love of art and becoming and artist seem obvious. As an Impressionist with French blood, I feel like I'm channeling Monet and Van Gogh (who shares my birthday.) I also love to find and make beauty wherever I am, and to cook and eat well. My French mother taught me frugality - buying the best and making it last. Vivre la France. I've tried to take more of these moments to relax since I've returned, like madame. Life is good, n'est ce pas?