"Café du Soleil"

pastel 12" x 17" 2005

A block down from Haight Street, at 200 Fillmore at Waller, this lively café entices us all. The clientele is a real mix of San Franciscans, showing our diversity and joie de vivre. Friendly Sara brings a smile and delectable food to an appreciative crowd, with many regulars. Robyn and Michael are celebrating the moment with mimosas. Kathleen's mom is sharing her joy of the new arrival, baby Ouisie. The dog, Mingus, feels right at home.

We all rave over Pascal Rigo's truly French Bay Bread fare, and his co-owners' Mustapha and Christianne offer an enticing menu and extensive hours. The popular weekend brunches can bring friends and lovers. Others find a peaceful spot to read, and find a bit of our coffee house culture, with shades of France. Ongoing art shows are bringing new interest inside, where this original pastel will hang, with postcards to come. Meet me here for a latte and chocolate croissant, or try their authentic Nicoise salad. Bon Appetit.