I'm in a French mode. In July of 2001 I went to France with my French mother, Yvonne, and my Francofile brother, Bryan, to visit the family there. I hadn't been in thirty years. fortunately several cousins had moved to the South, to Cotignac, Provence and near Toulouse (sunflowers!). They enjoyed showing me local sights, chasing the beautiful light. It was a great reunion and I started thinking in French. I found the landscape breathtaking and the old buildings so full of characture. I couldn't wait to draw them! We also spent a busy week in Paris with many sights but less light. I took thirty rolls of film in all, and came back to my studio totally jazzed. I'm taking French lessons with my husband and we plan to return and continue my latest passion. This promises to be a long, and diverse series. I have top quality giclees prints of several, economical copies of all, as well as the original pastels. Enjoy!