"Quan Yin"

pastel 26" x 20" 2001

My response as an artist to the tragic events of September 11 was to create this pastel painting. It depicts my backyard statue of Quan Yin. While I was meditating with her I noticed the petals of the Princess Flower tree floating around her. It brought to my mind the most disturbing visual of that tragic day which was of people jumping from the buildings. I suddenly felt that she was holding us all in her love and I found peace. Her mission is to reawaken love in the world. Quan Yin (also Kuan Yin, Guanyin) is the Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Healing, and according to Buddhist tradition, she chose to put off attaining her own buddhahood until all of the cries of the people on the planet were answered, making her the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

A few of her abilities include;
Opens hearts
Melts down negative emotions
Protects against oppressive authorities
Protects women
Banishes darkness
Answers the cries of all who whisper her name.

Peace and Namaste